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graphite ingot mould

Content: 99.99% graphite

Density: 1.87g/cm3 
Compressive strength: 65mPa 
Shore hardness: 55 
Porosity: 15%


Graphite mold usage:

Mainly used for die casting or continouscasting,applied to the forming of gold,silver,copper and other alloymaterial,can be processed as sheet materials,tubular cartridge materials.Graphite mould can be manufactured according to customer's specification.

Special Features: 
High purity, fine grain, good performance ofelectrical conductivity and thermal conductivity, high density, good corrosionresistance, thermal shock resistance, thermal stability, high mechanicalstrength, low permeability, and good oxidation resistance. The raw material iscapable of producing various semiconductor molds and radio tube.